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Photography of weather - enormous gaps are annoying

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If you've ever tried to photograph the weather you could notice that it's not as easy as it seems to be.

But manual photographing of weather sucks!

Why bother this annoying task at all if it can (and should) be automated instead?


In fact, it's really annoying to spend 24 hours to do it. It's too boring.

The product is much better than the workflow.


I can prove my point of view with some links. For example this product looks pretty good (not ideal but still good).

But spending 24 hours to create it isn't that funny. The motion of Sun, Moon and clouds is boring at normal speed and becomes more interesting only if it's sped-up.

Here the same


Even more interesting. My calculations shows that only 120 GB is needed to get timelapse of entire year from the highest tower in some city. It's not much harder to implement than CCTV. It's not surveillance of people - it's just weather. (I don't want weather cameras to be labeled as CCTV because after filming one year at least 362 days will be missing if it's true that CCTV recordings become illegal in Europe after 72 hours.)

Since it's actually very little (even for single person), I think it's the right way for weather recording system.

I don't want to get up at 5 AM to photograph the sunrise (mostly from false point because the right direction is rarely free from buildings that obscure it) and I have even less interest to go up to some tower and stay there for 24 hours but downloading the last timelapse is absolutely not annoying. 

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Unusual topic to choose as your introduction to CrazyBoards, but welcome in any case.  In case it's not clear, we are a peer support group run by and for people living with mental illness.  Feel free to contact a staff member if you have any questions.

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