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Watching the Special Address...just like every new baby looks like Dwight D. Eisenhower, doesn't Schrub look like Alfred E. Neuman, WHAT ME WORRY!!!!!


Can we put this in Government Sucks, and I really feel lonely tonight, doesn't anyone think that Schrub looks like Alfred? I am very self-centered and paranoid,recent event caused alot of self-doubt, lost my groove, so to speak.

Someone answer and at least say ha ha. I feel like a thread-buster. Syl

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Disregard unregistered people......chickenshit morons who can't even sign a fake name.

Anyway, I agree that Shrub looks like Alfred, although I always thought Ted Koeppel did, too....and Ted is a schmart person.

Poor Shrub....somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot.


PS  The other saying I like is:  "When Clinton lied, no one died." 

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i got my mominlaw a fridge magnet that says:  'what's worse, screwing an intern or screwing a whole country'.

she hates bushie as much as we do.


lol!  one of my friends has that one along with a pin that says "Friends don't let friends vote republican."

my bro gave me a pin... i forgot exactly what it says, but it's something like "George W. Bush putting the 'duh' back in W."  one of my friends sent me a pic of a bumper stick that i thnk is funny, but, of course, i'm rather easily amused: "Bipartisanship - I'll hug your elephant if you kiss my ass."


Thanks for answering back Olga and reddog..I guess I don't know all the rules yet, and I really needed to hook up with someone last night. I feel foolish about busting Honkingbird's thread last nite as well. Let it suffice to say Ive been really manic, depressed, etc. Ted always reminded me of Howdy Doody, but I really enjoyed his show. Thanks for answering, poor poor pitiful me!!



don't worry about any of this... it's all good...


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