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  I have had a drug induced psychosis and was brought to the psych ward where they gave me 4mg of Risperidone and I took it for 3

months I was not told about the dangers of this med or anything so I stupidly took it for 3 months and I later found out that it was way 

to high of a dose I should have known to stop taking it whenever I felt so sedated and weak and I couldn't ejaculate, it made me sleep 

12 hours a day and I peed the bed because of risperidone but anyway I took it for 3 months and stopped taking it and now I am NOT 

the same AT ALL and I have been off it for 9 months !! I no longer have my fun, funny, loving, bubbly, personality I cant get pleasure 

from any activities (anhedonia) I feel really dumbed down and spacey I have brain fog the world doesn't seem as beautiful like it did 

before I have slight tinnitus my vision is a little blurry I cant think like I used to AT ALL my creativity is gone I cant have meaningful 

conversations in the real world anymore everything I do is 100x harder I cant crack jokes anymore, my favorite music just sounds like 

noise im in a constant state of feeling like half asleep and I cant wake up I no longer feel euphoric,happy,sad or have them 

awesome excited feelings all I do is think about the damage from this poison called risperidone and look for answers on the internet 

about my situation I dont feel alcohol, cigarettes or any stimulants im just constantly in this damn state of mind 24/7 WILL THIS ALL 

GO AWAY or did risperidone DAMAGE my brain for life??? I read that risperidone changes the way your natural chemicals work in 

you brain and block all kinds of receptors please help I dont want to be like this forever life is not worth liveing like this please answer!!!               

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So sorry to hear you are going through this right now. I am on risperdal and experience some of the same things you are. I don't know if the effects are permanent. Can you talk to your pdoc about it? Sorry I have no real information for you, but just wanted you to know that I understand your frustration. Lots of love to you.

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Have you thought about not taking drugs or drinking? That could be causing it. Or side effects from doing drugs? If they caused psychosis before, couldn't they have permanently altered your brain and its not the risperdal? 4mg is a bigger dose, but not the biggest.


It all sounds like negative symptoms for schizophrenia. After 9 months, it would be completely out of your system and it doesn't permanently alter your brain, wherever you heard that, its a load of shit. It can screw with prolactin, though, which effects orgasms and stuff, but it would probably have gone down by now. Get that checked, its a blood test.


This is a pro-treatment site. We encourage taking meds. We don't believe in the anti-psychiatry bullshit you're spewing. If you can't cite a peer reviewed study saying risperdal causes actual brain damage, don't say it does.

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Psychosis causes brain damage. You are incorrectly attributing the long-lasting negative effects of having been psychotic to Risperdal. News flash: the Risperdal is long gone, out of your system. With your recreational drug use, you've been lucky enough to uncover brain cooties. You're mentally ill, not a victim of big pharma. Don't get it twisted.

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You need to stop doing drugs and alcohol because they are what put you in the state where you need risperidone in the first place.


It is far more likely that you are dealing with the after effects of a psychotic episode than anything risperidone did to you, especially since you were on it for only 3 months and have been off it for 9 months. It's too easy to blame a med instead of realizing what a psychotic episode entails. Read up on negative symptoms and compare them to what you are going through at the moment.


Finally, what does your doctor say about your stopping the med? And what advice has your doctor given you regarding this situation?

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Please use punctuation and paragraph breaks. I had to read it three times to even remotely figure out what you were saying.


I'd say stop the drugs and get to a psychiatrist. Respiridal might not have been the drug for you, but I highly doubt it's the cause of all the symptoms you are describing. I'd also quit the street drugs and alcohol.

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People can respond to meds very differently.  I think that I remember reading here that someone wanted to marry risperidone and have 1000s of its’ babies.  That said, your description reminds me of how I felt on risperidone.  

Drugs like risperidone are tested before they are given to humans, they aren’t neurotoxic, so they don’t cause brain damage.  I’d ask a doctor about the tinnitus and blurry vision.  I’d especially stay away from stimulants, as they might make you psychotic, and you might have to take anti-psychotics more permanently.

Assuming you haven’t damaged your brain with drugs(stimulants) and you’re not experiencing the symptoms of schizophrenia you will most likely be your normal self again.  But a psychiatrist/doctor will be able to tell you a lot more than a random person on the internet.  

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Sorry to hear about your bad experiences, buddy. But you need to understand that any drug you take can and may cause bad side effects. Did anyone give you a full list of side effects you could experience when you first used illicit drugs? Probably not. I'm going to presume no one told you that they can induce psychosis or trigger schizophrenia in people who could have otherwise avoided it altogether.
Unfortunately, you've got yourself into a bit of a hole by taking that risk and you've got to dig yourself out. You can and will get better, just because risperidone wasn't great for you doesn't mean others will be the same. Medication is about weighing the good against the bad, you could have had your dosage reduced to see if that removed some side effects, I've read on trusted websites that say that the dosage that got you better may not have to be the same as what keeps you well.
The chance of you getting better and staying better will be a lot high if you chose to take a medicine and stay on it. You might need to be on it for a few years but the sooner you're on it the sooner you can get your life back. It'll help prevent you for becoming ill again and will keep you out of mental health units.

It would be interesting to see how people would react if drugs like ecstasy and cannabis came with the same style leaflet as what risperidone and all the others do. I wonder if they'd choose differently.

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i'm sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time. i've had some medications not work out well for me, too, though risperdal was overall great until i discontinued and tried going back on it.


anyway, have you spoken with your doctor about what's going on?


my apologies if you detailed that more in your post...my concentration is for shit lately so reading in blocks is tougher for me. i couldn't tell if your doctor had prescribed a higher dosage than you thought you should be taking or...? where did you get the idea that you were taking more than you should've been? were you taking it as prescribed?


sometimes it takes awhile for things to leave your system. i wouldn't encourage ingesting other substances trying to get it to leave faster, however, because oftentimes that'll just mess you up in a different way, you know? not so much cancelling things out as combining to be a new type of problem.


hope you're feeling better soon and welcome!

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i've seen what they do to schizophrenics in their fascist government testing labs with this poison they call medicine. Every generation get's worse and they do nothing. Run! Hide! Quick! The hybridized clones are coming!

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      I'm tapering off clomipramine, right now I'm down to 75 mg.
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      A few months ago risperidone was added to the clomipramine. I'm on 1 mg a day. I've seen some improvement, but I can still have difficult days or even weeks where I'm having too much intrusive thoughts (or thought, since it's been only one thought which bothers me). 

      I've had good results from fluvoxamine and escitalopram, but both pooped out. Maybe clomipramine had pooped out too.

      According to my pdoc, taking risperidone as a monotherapy won't have much effect. And with OCD, an antipsychotic is mainly added as an augment treatment.

      So what to do next?
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