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Hello everyone,


My name is J. My full name is a little longer but I'm hoping to keep this relatively ambiguous. I stumbled upon this website after reading through a plethora of internet forums and websites focusing on psychology and mental health in the past week.


Having read through several threads on this forum, I decided to register with the hope that I can gleam a little bit more insight into my mental health and better understand some issues/problems I've encountered during my life. Many of the participants on this forum seem to be quite insightful (i.e., not what you encounter in almost any other realm on the internet) and I'd like to use that insight to better understand what makes me tick.


In any case, I'm hoping to understand a little bit more about my mind. I don't want to say that I'm looking for a diagnosis (and I'm not sure that internet diagnoses are permitted/encouraged on this forum) but, having a relatively competent understanding of mental health, I'd like to at least make an attempt to better understand my condition. I try to be respectful of forum rules in whatever subject the forum may involve. I used to be very involved in a music forum when I was much younger, and in many ways am a product of the internet, so I understand the rules of general courtesy.


Some facts about me: I am a male in my mid 20s living in Southeast Michigan. I'm originally from Canada but have lived in several cities in this region over the past decade since I've migrated. At present, I live in a (relatively) impoverished neighborhood in Detroit, and have been here for a few years. My first experience with therapy was at 15. I was given general substance abuse counseling, diagnosed with substance abuse, depression, and conduct disorder, and and prescribed antidepressants. In my early 20s I again sought advice from a counselor and was given general substance abuse/anxiety/depression counseling and prescribed antidepressants. Although I have been prescribed pharmaceuticals in the time since my teenage years, I have not taken any medication for anxiety or depression since I was a teenager. Additionally, although I have been diagnosed as having substance abuse issues as well as general anxiety/depression, I don't feel that this fully explains my mental condition. On the other hand, I don't agree with the last counselor I spoke with that I have "some really serious issues." Having done a fair amount of research, and considering my past diagnoses and sessions, I feel comfortable at present with the self-diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder and generalized anxiety/depression.


One of the reasons I've turned to this site is my current lack of means to attend therapy/counseling. I hope this can serve as some sort of mild substitute, at least for now. My intent here is to "troubleshoot" (for all Windows 98 afficionados) some of my behaviors and habits to better understand how to lead a more successful, fulfilling, and, if possible, happy, life. I do not wish to get caught up in diagnoses or labels. Additionally, I am not especially interested in the counseling "pity party." Contrarily, I would very much like to understand how individuals with similar dispositions to myself function on a daily basis, and learn what constitutes normal behavior for said people. Additionally, picking up some new coping mechanisms to lead a better, healthier life in the near future would not be so bad either.


I apologize if this is an incorrect introduction. I am on the last few hours of a night shift (hospitality) and have been procrastinating joining here or even sending this message. That being said, it has lengthened substantially since the beginning of my shift.


Thank you for your time,



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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!

You're right; we can't diagnose you but I think you'll find that this community is very supportive and informed all the same. I'm glad you decided to join in.

Please let a staff person know if there's anything we can do for you.

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Welcome to our friendly nut-house.  I hope we can offer some insight, and I hope your financial situation improves so that you can be treated by medical professionals.


This is a friendly bunch, so I hope you make some friends and decide to stay with us.



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