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How Many do I have to take?

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My pdoc first gave me samples of Lunesta....I call that a major loser drug for me.  It did nothing to help me sleep.  That's all I want, is a good nights sleep..4 to 5 hous uninterrupted would be excellent.  I can't even remember the last time I've had that.  It's 4:50 a.m. here now and I have to be up and 6:00 to get my daughter off to school. 

My p-doc gave me ambien cr and remeron samples to try.  she said try one of the ambien cr first and if that didn't work take 2 then the next night.  OK

I think these have no effect on me at all.  Does anyone else have this problem?

I'm currently on:


300mg  Wellbutrin XL

.5- mg lorazepam



10 mg Lexapro

.10 mg lorazepam

75 mg topomax

ambien cr (take 1 r 2 tables)

Thanls anyone if you can see this for me... I used be on a ton more meds!

DX:  Major Recurrent Depression

    Severe Affective Anxiety Attact Disorder

    Social Phobia

    Limited Paranoia

Thanks for listening if you do...hope you all selep good tonight  ;)

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I am on some of the exact meds that you are on- Wellbutrin in AM and Lexapro in PM. I used to be on 300 mg. Wellbutrin and now I am on 150 mg. (10 mg Lexapro too).

For about a week straight I averaged maybe 3 hours/night and then I got started on Ambien...sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. But then when we reduced back down to 150 mg. Wellbutrin the Ambien worked GREAT. (I am not sure how stimulating the WB is...however it must have been stimulating enough for me not to get to sleep at night.)

Last night I didn't take my Ambien however I slept 10 hours which is beyond me- like holy crap. I guess I don't have much to say except that the WB may be one of the reasons why you are up...also your body hopefully will "catch up" and one of these days you'll just sleep 10 hours straight.

It's really important to get it figured out now tho...the one week where I got no sleep I was much, much more depressed and I was starting to almost hallucinate and it was just, crazy.

Hopefully you'll get some sleep soon!!

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wellbutrin is known to be a stimulating anti depressant, so that is probably part of the problem.

also, i have used ambien as a sleep aid regularly for about a year and a half, and i have discovered that it has to be used in a specific way. i have to take it while i am already in bed and then do something quiet (eg, reading a book or watching TV) for fifteen to twenty minutes then turn the light off and go to bed. i can stay up on ambien if i am walking around, etc or if i miss that window (15-45 minutes after taking it, approx). further, is your problem with falling asleep or staying asleep? if the greater issue is falling asleep, regular ambien (not ambien controlled release) might work better because it will release more in a shorter time and come on stronger.

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Insomnia... what a bitch eh.  There are a lot of meds for insomnia, most of which are really sucky cause not efficient or not powerful enough.  The best meds for insomnia are in my humble opinion seroquel and nozinan, two APs.  They really put you to sleep.  Nozinan should be considered as a last resort though cause it really knocks you out hard and can give you a hangover the next morning.


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