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getting over pet peeves and minor irritations

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i have a lot of pet peeves. and i'm very sensitive to sensory irritations. little noises, sensations, and smells can set me off very easily. some days are worse than others, but it's such a waste of time and i'm trying to learn to deal with it.


what methods work for you? at the moment, i do my best to remove myself from the trigger and take a private deep breath. i try to relax my body and mind and then go back to what i was doing. it can help but often it really doesn't or when i go back to the thing aggravating me, the stress and irritation comes right back again.


some things i hate


eating noises

moaning noises

scratching and screeching noises

scraping noises

dry hands or perceived dryness of my skin

any sort of mild itchiness


certain types of materials touching me


for example, today i couldn't use a pencil because the noise it was making when it came into contact with the paper was too overwhelming, and then the sound of my chair every time i moved started making me agitated. so i left the room and then the cacophony of my family getting ready for dinner (dishes, talking loud, tv, some chewing sounds) upset me so i locked myself in the bathroom to try to relax so i could return and be social and not an angry monster.


as usual, my head is really disorganized and i feel cloudy so sorry for this rambling mess. if anyone has any thoughts or ideas or can relate, i'd appreciate your insight.

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I'm the same way. I'm really not an angry person most of the time but start making noises and I turn into someone with roid rage. I clench my fists. And I realized that by doing that I'm digging my nails in my skin. So that's what I do, I clench my fists really hard. It hurts as much as pinching yourself. I don't clench them so hard that I leave a permanent mark or bleed. Or I dig my nails into my forearm, again not leaving a permanent mark. These might not be the healthiest ways but it contains the raging anger. Otherwise I want to hurt people and throw things and break things. 


When it's something where I don't get out of the situation but I'm alone (e.g. I was in my office the other day and there was someone fixing something in the office next to mine and he was talking to someone so I kept hearing mumbles and that set me off), So I rocked back and forth and sang to the music and breathed and had really long exhales and shook my legs. It was soothing. But I find rocking soothing since I do it all the time. 

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I can relate to this a lot. Sometimes, even the sounds of peoples voices grates me the wrong way. I usually try to go to my room and turn on the fan. White noise helps me a lot. My doctor told me I might be experiencing hyperacusis, because the smallest sounds can get so loud to me. If I'm in public, the best I've been able to do is step out or try to leave somehow. I'm not really sure how to deal with it always myself either. It gets bad sometimes, feels like I'm having brain zaps inside my head. I tend to avoid loud social engagements that last longer than an hour or two. I can usually get myself through the hour, but if I'm in a room with a crowd of 10 or more? Hmm. I feel like the time I can tolerate being there is directly related to the number of persons and their general chattering noise level. Spending time with my dad and grandparents is hard, because they are hard of hearing and need to be loud. I don't generally speak that loudly, probably because I can hear myself too loud, and a lot of people tell me to speak up constantly. But when I speak up, I feel like I'm yelling and sometimes get yelled at for yelling. So IDK WTF.


my pet peeves?


-the races (i swear it's an unwritten rule that when people watch nascar they turn their televisions up to max volume)

-more than two voices talking at once


-certain peoples voices

-microphones (seriously? they need to make themselves LOUDER? good god, i'm already dying!)


just to list a few. :/

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Taking deep breaths is a great way to calm yourself. It might also help if you had a mantra that you could repeat to yourself. "The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it" I'm not trying to be preachy, (one of my pet peeves), just giving an example of a good mantra.


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@iaawal & @figment: sounds like we're in the same boat.


@phoenix: i didn't get a preachy vibe, so don't worry. thank you for your advice. i really hate being so easily set off and if repeating mantras could help me curb this irritability then i will have to try them.

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