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I am depressed and have no interests

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I have almost no interests or hobbies.  I get overwhelmed when I'm too busy or do too much.  I'll mention that I'm pretty young (in my 20s).

I'm always surprised by how full other people's lives seem...how they go different places and try new things, take classes, move to different cities, have varied hobbies.  In fact, I feel rather envious of all they do.  I guess when I was a kid I didn't have access or support for pursuing interests, so I got used to just doing "nothing" and staying home alone.  It's a very hard habit to break.

In a way, I feel that my life lacks fullness and I just don't enjoy things the way other people do.  For example, I would never have a Christmas tree because it seems like "too much bother."  But other people do, and it's a nice tradition they enjoy.  But to me, I just usually don't do things that other people enjoy, like going to museums, the movies, etc.  I live a very simple (and boring) life!

Then, when I meet someone new, I am very sensitive about the fact that I don't do very much and maybe they'll find me (and my life) boring.  In a way, I almost tend to glom on to people who have fun ideas for where to go and what to do because I never have those ideas.

Can any of you relate to this sort of "boredom rut"?  How'd you get out of it??

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Hi, Danna,

I do kind of relate. I try to keep my life simple and I'm sure it looks boring from the point of view of people who always have to be doing something. My friends understand that I'll do some of their stuff some of the time and enjoy it, but don't try to do too much, because then I just end up being overwhelmed and cutting myself off from everyone for a while.

If you want to add some activities to your life, then there are lots of ways to start slow. If you're satisfied with the way your life is going but worried that other people will see you as boring, then you're going to have to find some kind of balance between getting enough private, down time and also making time to do some new things and start some of your own traditions.

Like the Christmas tree thing, you don't have to start out with a ten foot tree with a gazillion lights. Get an artificial 4 or 5 foot pre-lit tree and start collecting some ornaments. If you enjoy having it around during the Christmas season, then it gives you reason to continue. If not, well, at least you gave it a try and can honestly say that it's just not for you.

Music, theater, museums. All of that can be nice to do, and one of the best things about them is that it's a shared experience with the people you go with, but doesn't require you to be making conversation during the whole event.

Most people aren't fortunate enough to be suddenly captivated by a particular subject. You have to make yourself do a thing once or a few times to see if you're going to like it. Interests and hobbies develop over time. Mine tend to be things I can do alone or with others.

Enough rambling. I hope this made some kind of sense.


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hey sweets...yup i can relate...i can't have children...but have an inheireted a 20 year old (hubby's lil sis)...if it weren't for my hubby n my losing my mom n taking on the *mom* duties n traditions i would be a very boring person!!!

now i wish for the dull boring life that was mine a year ago!!!

but anyways ta your dilema...it could be a part of your condition...did you have  no interestes before your depression?

i don't think it makes you any less of a person ta not have hobbies or interests...if nothing gets your fancy n your okay with that theres alot of people out there that are the same way!

wish i could add something ta help but i think if that's who you are than there's no reason ta want ta change for the sake of others!

good luck n good thoughts ta you!!!

flutterfly xo

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In a way, I feel that my life lacks fullness and I just don't enjoy things the way other people do.

There is a name for this.  It's called anhedonia - the inability to take pleasure in things - and is a common feature of clinical depression.  You don't indicate whether you have had a diagnosis or a prescription, or are seeing a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but if not, all of the above would be a very good idea.  Symptoms like anhedonia are quite treatable when you find the right combination of medication and/or therapy that works for you.  If you are taking meds, it may well be that they aren't working well in your case, and different meds may be more effective.

Because you don't feel pleasure in things, they of course don't seem worthwhile to you; there is no "reward" inherent in doing them.  But you don't have to be this way.  There is help to get you feeling alive and active.  I'm one of the few for whom anhedonia has proven extraordinarily stubborn :P; most people are able to get relief.

Keep posting here to let us know how you're faring.


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