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Researching meds...found THIS...

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Hey guys. it's been awhile since I've posted on the forums.

So I was researching the long term effects psych meds can have on the brain. Not for any class, just for my own interests. Mostly because I've noticed a lot more lately how I've been doing this "word replacement" thing-and not even realize it.

I don't know how to describe it except sometimes I will say exactly opposite words of what I mean, or words that are related, but don't really make sense. Sometimes I notice it, and will say "I meant.." But most of the time people correct me and I don't even realize I did it in the first place.


Not just that, but also I have word recall issues often. I mean I can literally be looking at an object(often) and cannot think of what it is called. And I have been having issues when writing things down, making many errors-leaving letters out, or adding letters that don't make any sense. I'm not dyslexic, or wasn't growing up at least. And I notice these mistakes after I do them and fix them, I just don't get why I'm doing it.


Anyway...I was researching to see if this is all somehow a memory/cognitive issue related to taking all different types of psych meds and sometimes high doses for the past 10 years, and I came across this article.

Not sure how I feel about it. But I can see some of the argument there...

And I thought I would share.



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really egrigious anti-psych bullshit
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That site doesn't look reputable. I do have trouble finding words.  I make motions, like that will help me remember, and ultimately someone will fill in the word for me or I will use an alternate. I blame it on topamax. It could just be age, I don't know.


I do something differently where I will leave off plurals. I don't know why. I have to catch myself, I don't want people to think I am making fun.I don't think that is a med thing, It is just me being stupid or lazy.


memory/cognitive issues are tricky- what is the illness, what is meds, what is me. 


and sometimes it is a trade-off. I would rather be stable and have some trouble with memory than not. And, side-effects can get better with time.


I think it is a good topic, just not a great site.

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Lots of medications, most notably AED's, cause word recall issues. I take Topamax and Lamictal and I swear, half the time I tell my husband I'll be up in a minute, I just have to put the laundry in the dish washer to dry, or I thank him for bringing IN the garbage...


I am not for a minute arguing that medications don't have side effects, but we need to take them. Everyone has to decide for him or herself where the line is between acceptable and unacceptable side effects for medications that benefit one otherwise.


Soonersbaby, this is a pro-treatment and pro-med website. You're posting anti-psychiatry garbage in the wrong place. Don't do it again.

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I have trouble with words once in a while, but I deal with it because its a hell of a lot better than not taking medication. If I weren't on meds, I'd be homeless or dead by now.


That site is anti-psychiatry crap, and not welcome here. bible.ca.. seriously?

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