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Something new/ pap test agony


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Hi  Frosty here, 

If you have ever read about me, I am like the big bad snarling dog.. so tough

yet barks while backing up and away...

I went for A Pap yesterday, and during the exam. right  abdominal pressing ... nothing, left - a scream. A mass was felt.

DOC is concerned to the max,  prority one... Has anyone ever had that feeling ,

irregular cycles and gastrointestanal disorders? And It was not Cancer?

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Yep. Experienced all that, and it turned out to be an ovarian cyst. Got to size of a large orange, or thereabouts. It ruptured and bled into my pelvis. Pelvic exam was excruciating- I think I posted about that on Libby's thread over in Springer. Ouch!

The important thing is DON'T PANIC. It IS important to have it evaluated promptly, and to have it taken care of, but that something was felt during an exam does not guarantee cancer. I am a little surprised they didn't perform an ultrasound right away- that could have at least given an idea of what is going on apart from "feeling a mass."

I hope all turns out well, please let us know how things turn out.


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I have to go back right after New years but the part that scared me was all the other stuff you get with Ovarian cancer you get with HYpothyroidism.. you see my thyroids totaly CRAZY now as well and I need to be refered to a specialist for that too.  Those bodily side effects can mimic those of  o cancer...

I am a mess.

But you did give me hope and cheer me up - AN ORANGE?????

I hate fruit so I am hoping for a brussell sprout... ;)  


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I've been through it as well. Because I live in a remote area, it took months for me to get through all the tests -- in my case, a colonoscopy, MRI, CTscan, and an ultrasound. Everyone was thorough, but because the facilities (as well as a gyn doc) to do all this were some distance from me, and schedules backed up, it took all this time. I do know...the waiting can be excruciating. (And no, I did not get an ultrasound on the first visit; in my case, none were available locally.)

I had been having symptoms that were very much like those of ovarian cancer. Very scary. What I foung helped during all the waiting was to make the time in the morning to meditate for a bit, even just 10 minutes. I knew I needed something to keep my head on straight during this, or I'd never get through it. Just that little bit of time by myself in the morning to quiet my mind made all the difference. If this sounds like something you'd want to try, and if you don't know how, feel free to ask me.

Of course it doesn't have to be meditating; just doing something for 10-20 minutes a day for yourself, something that gets your mind off of it even for just that short amount of time, will help you so much in getting through this stressful time. A few minutes of stretching, a brisk walk, a warm bath...whatever works for you. Just make the time to do it.

In my case, it turned out I had a large ovarian cyst, 3 fibroids, and a lot of adhesions. It was hard for them to tell all of this until I had laparoscopic surgery. When I finally did have the surgery, the doc spent all of the time cleaning up the adhesions; nothing else was removed. We found that by that time, the ovarian cyst had resolved itself. When the tests came back from the surgery, we found that nothing was cancerous.

I've continued to get tested over the last 1.5 years (the surgery was in May 2004), and everything has remained the same, fibroids haven't grown. So no need for more surgery.

Do whatever you need to in order to help cope with the stress of this time. I know it's hard. Hang in there, and if I can help in any way please let me know.

Sending you my best thoughts,


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yep, did the cyst thing.......'had a mass', was a cyst.  my doc made a point of saying 'it's almost always a cyst, cancer is rare rare rare BUT we want to make sure'.  i got the impression that all the checking is for the doc's peace of mind, in a way. like they KNOW it's not gonna be cancer, but they have to see that test result in order to relax.

really. cysts are very common, and the docs always give you the 'we gotta check it out' routine.

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Than you so much everyone.  I will not worry. So be it. i always was pretty darn healthy. exercise, right food. tra la la... And having A real DOC on board , Tis a great  advantage to us all.

I just hate surgery , Big suck of it all. I had my wisdoms pulled out 2  years ago and I thought.. Death take me away... I will never make it.. OH sigh .....

I must go rest..... Should I get the vapors.. KIDDING > I feel fine..

A good Doctor is a precautious one. That I never had.. Thanks again.. lets see what happens ... LUV Frosty.

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Hopefully, you won't need surgery.

I'm with you -- I hate, hate, hate surgery. Even the idea of it. Could never understand people who do elective surgery willy-nilly, like plastic surgery. Truly beyond my comprehesion!

I had two surgeries last year: the laparoscopic surgery and sinus surgery. If it's any consolation, I'd take laparoscopic surgery any day over sinus surgery! Much less recovery time, and not so bad. Sinus surgery, on the other hand, is a nightmare.

Again, it's more than likely that you won't need surgery, that all the tests will show some simple, common female irregularity, like a cyst.

Sounds like you've got a great attitude about it. Just have to wait and see.

Take care,


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