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The best thing about BP is...

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I get high without drugs!


You get to experience the extremes and truly be everything

You are the hero, the iconoclast, the devil, the pioneer

You're faster, smarter, sexier

You know heaven and hell first-hand

You live many lives


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You've heard the music of the spheres, and know the mermaids sing for you.

And you get to be a bad-ass, even if only a closeted one -- perhaps for the first time in your life.

(Normal people may get both, or either, without benefit of illness.  But I don't think I was headed for either one but for a little brain dysfunction.)

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You get to tell the best stories... ("...man, it was so crazy when I did this...")

You get to be the life of the party (when hypomanic.)

People get to live vicariously through you and your experiences.

But on a more serious note: You get a chance to be an advocate.  You get to educate people and destigmatize MI.  That's my favourite part.


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