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Hi David - 


Just want to let you know that as per our user agreement, we are a PEER-SUPPORT website for people with a mental illness.  If you yourself have a mental illness of some kind, you are welcome here as a peer supporter.  Certainly there are some health care providers who use this board as a way to manage their own mental illness.


Everyone who posts here, however, posts as a peer and not as a professional.  It would not be appropriate for you to post in your professional role as a psychologist.  I hope you can understand why it is important for people with mental illnesses to have our own space where we can support each other in a peer capacity.


I will leave it to you to determine what to do with that information.


I'd also like to remind you that this website is indexed by Google, and you are using your real name, so patients and others may be able to find your posts here.



Tryp (moderator)

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So, as you may (not) have read in our User Agreement, we are a first-person site. That means that we're by crazy for crazy here. We exist to support ourselves and others with the crazy in our lives.


Did you know that crazyboards.org has been around for ten years!? We've managed to survive without any psychologists keeping their fingers on us for that long. So while I'm sure that your offer is genuine we really don't need other people monitoring our hearts for us. We seem to have made it through these years just fine, thanks :)


If you are making comments as a psychologist here that is very inappropriate. Not only because it violates our user agreement but also because it can potentially put you at odds with your regulatory body. You really shouldn't be diagnosing anyone, nor even trying to create a therapeutic relationship, on a website such as this one. It's rather unethical. 


Finally, I'm guessing that you came to us via google. This site is indexed. That means that if anyone googles your name in the future this post of yours will come up. It may cause you trouble going forward. You're welcome to edit your post if you so choose. 


I hope that that serves to clarify your intentions and our feelings about them.


Rosie (admin)

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