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ayy it's an invalidated hebephrenic

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Hello. So yeah I'm Asher, 19, and had been diagnosed with disorganized schizophrenia until the fucktruck DSM-V told my pdoc to just change it to straight up schiz. Adieu, subtypes.

Anyway, I'm like 87% sure I'm relapsing. My mom's convinced I'm constantly on the verge of psychosis. Old lady tries to tell pdoc that I'm using neologisms again (almost everything is a "squidoo" in my vocab). Catching myself clanging in my head though and showering is beginning to seem like an enormous pain in my anus so who knows, might be time for round 15 at the good ol psych unit wasted on thorazine. God i love prns.

So yes. I love tumblr and food. I sleep a lot. I'm pathetically attempting a degree in social work. That's me.

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