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dyskinesia - can this go away??

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A few weeks ago, literally out of the blue one night, my lips started twitching and my mouth made these wierd shapes. I, of course, freaked out.   I immediately called my Psydoc and his take was that it was withdrawl dyskinesia since I had stopped taking a small amount of zyprexa about two weeks before (I had taken 1.25 mg for about a year and a half).   It could also have been a dose of reglan that I took that day for a headache (which I only used sporatically.)  

It took about a week and then it calmed down to a point that nobody but me noticed it.  Then two weeks later, it was back with a vengence.  This time it took about three days to calm down.  

That said, my doc believes that it will resolve within two to three months.  But I really, really, need to hear stories from people who have had dyskinesia go away.  My brain is perseverating on the word 'permanent' and I'm really struggling against being pulled into another depression.  I was doing great before this....



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