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So for most of my teen years I had this and now I'm 20, and no reason has been found still. 

I basically go through different sleep problems. One persistent one that doesn't seem to change is what I guess may be restless legs syndrome. 

The other thing is I go through insomnia and hypersomnia. Most of the time together, like I can't fall asleep at an appropriate night time but I will sleep (usually) all day, for 12 hours or more. Sometimes the hypersomnia will go away, and sometimes the insomnia will, but I always have one if not both. 

I also have night terrors and flashback nightmares. They have been there since I was a kid and keep getting worse. 

My problem recently, however, is that when I sleep, I wake up more tired, and vice versa, if I don't sleep, I feel more awake. 

Why could that be? The nightmares that don't wake me up are exhausting me? The restless legs? It's very strange and inconvenient. 

Thanks for any advice. 


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i go through the same thing minus the night terrors and flashback nightmares (these stopped in early adolescence for me). everything else i can relate to.  take off restless leg syndrome and add on fatigue that never goes away no matter what and you've described my experience. 

i'm sorry i can't be of more help.  i have a sleep study scheduled in a year's time.  have you ever done anything like that?

sleep issues can be components of your depression, ptsdand anxiety if they're not well controlled

i developed restless legs syndrome on seroquel. are you on any meds that could be triggering it?


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