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this i think is my first real posting on this part of the forum as i have recently come out of hospital with a dual diagnosis bipolar with co exsisiting borderline personality disorder. so yes my docotos agreed that u can have both thats why they call it "co-exsisiting".

im a lost little puppy at the moment trying to find a place to call home. i am scared about how this will impact on my life ahead i want to be positive and accepting that this is not a life sentence but at the same time i cant see a light at the end of the tunnel cause i have been in pain for so long.

i dont want to live with these symptoms but i have no choice i got to learn to accept it, but how, and when???

have u guys accepted it? how did u come to terms with the fact that u really are sick and this aint all a big mess u made that u can t snap out of?

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