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Is sleep deprivation a recognised reason for Missing Work/College?

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I've been struggling to sleep now 6 months...its been terrible some nights I get some sleep (4 hours) and some I don't at all, but the worse thing is when I sleep...because it has moves around the clock many times within a week

I haven't slept for more than 6 hours for gawd knows how long.

I've missed shit loads of college and I've always said to them the reason is 'sleep deprivation' which it is...but is that reason accepted?..


and anyway, I've tried to get help and all I got was 4 weeks of Ambien which it had bad side effects and then another set months later for a week, I asked again for ambien, he said no, I asked for something stronger...well because ambien did not really work much anyway....he said no

I urged my doctor to put me back on my meds but he didn't...I have put a complain against my local mental health service for malpractice because they took me off my meds cold turkey anyway...and they are not willing to deal with the consequences which are that I'm not sleeping.

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I never had a job or a school that accepted "sleep deprivation" as a valid excuse for missing shifts at work or classes.

I always understood that lack of adequate sleep was a student's life style. Unless you have a physician who will write letters of exclusion and or disability requesting accommodations for sleep deprivation you may be SOL.

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