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Hi. I'm a little outta the loop as far as forumy stuff goes; hence my stage name, or whatever you call it (since I'm not pole dancing here). And I don't know what a tag is or what it does, so I hope I didn't need one. But I guess that's all beside the point. 

I've been diagnosed with chronic severe treatment resistant depression, and have had it since around birth-ish. I've pretty much run out of ideas to help myself and certainly can't find much more help on line. But I did find this site and thought, "what the hell, maybe someone here knows what it's like and might have some ideas." And even if no one does, it's kinda nice to find other people who aren't freaked out by the words depression, suicide, antidepressant, hopeless, etc.

So, thanks for being here and I hope I manage to post this correctly, or at all.  

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