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Lithuim bothering Gallbladder and other GI - anyone else?

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i started taking Lithuim about 3 weeks ago. My stomach has been miserable since. I think the beginning was the normal side effects but now my gallbladder (I have gallstones) and my IBS are horrible. Every day I'm in pain. The sad thing is that the lithium is the first med to actually help my depression. I don't know know what to do :(

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I can find some (very little, actually) anecdotal info about lithium and gallbladder, but I can't find any papers on Pubmed.com.

However, lithium has a reputation for causing gastrointestinal effects. Although I haven't seen gall bladder mentioned, I don't know everything. Talk to your pdoc.

A lot of people have better luck with time release lithium. Also, try eating something when you take the lithium.

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