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Gave up eight vials of blood today.

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Depakote and liver testing, blood cell counts, h pylori test (bacteria), thyroid and more. Might as well do it all at once. My doc wanted a gluten test, too -- which I think is the most hipster faddish condition ever. 

Here's hoping we find nothing new. I'm about to go try and find some form of opiate to calm me down -- even if it's street stuff. I haven't crashed depressive for more than 12 hours, and I'm wired all the time. 

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If I were pregnant, it would be a miracle. In my state, I can no longer define marijuana as illegal. It's legal; I can walk into a store and buy it.

And I didn't. Nor did I buy any opiates (wouldn't know how, save for maybe online.) But I do have an appointment with my PCP Thursday to work on these ongoing cardiac issues. I now message my pdoc and my PCP on the same email (they work for the same provider), and the pdoc had no idea about the cardiac issues and high heart rate (140 is not uncommon with me. 110 is resting. My BP is normal.)

The PCP is very sympathetic about the stress issues. The pdoc sees illness and not circumstance; the PCP understands circumstances affect illness.

So it's just a couple more days of dealing with a racing heart. And the stress of a dissertation to finish. And lots of other things to do. That's all. I've handled worse. Much worse.

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