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I want to live in my dream world...

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My meds give me very vivid dreams that are super long and quite enjoyable.  The problem I'm having is that I want to live in my dreams so I sleep and sleep and sleep. I sleep at least 12 hours per night.  I find it more enjoyable than living in real life.  This sounds crazy but it's true.  Does anyone else ever feel this way?

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I have been like that. Right now, I don't remember my dreams as well (although I recently had a detailed dream about being in the show "Girls," which I've never even seen). I usually am a lucid dreamer, but the Latuda seems to have put an end to that.

I can definitely remember periods where I wanted to dream rather than wake up. I used to be much more depressive than manic, and spent most of my 20s in bed.

Have you talked to your pdoc? The med may be helping, but obviously you are still depressed.

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I don't think it is because of the meds, but I get what you say about wanting to live in your dreams. I feel the same way sometimes. The weird thing is, though, that when I am awake, I want to be awake and try to put off sleep as long as possible. But when I finally do lay down and fall asleep, I don' want to wake up. My body/sleep patterns are very odd.

Have you ever tried to map your dream world? I have noticed that my dreams take place in the same world all the time and that I recognize landmarks and know which places to avoid (if I don't want my dream turning into a nightmare). I have tried once or twice to draw it on a piece of paper (create a map) but failed because a the day goes on I forget things.

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