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I was put on trileptal 150mg 2x daily, 6am, 6pm; ativan .5 mg 3x daily; paxil 40mg  daily; propanalol 10mg 3x daily last October.   I was diagnosed with akathisia after coming off clonazepam. Had never heard of it.   Didn't know what withdrawals were.I have come off one dose of propanalol. Down to .5 ativan at 6 pm.  Came off 75mg trileptal in morning as well as 5 mg propanalol in morning.   Having sweats , anxious.  Came off with NP saying was ok.  I was feeling so down,  no appetite and NP thought was trileptal.   Can't get in touch with her and anyway she is sometimes not all that helpful.  My old psychiatrist and counselor left the clinic I go to.  If this is withdrawal how long should it last?


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