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Provide link to duplicate thread

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Ok, so a user posts 2 identical threads.   (Thread 1 and Thread 2), so Thread 2 gets closed.  This means (IMO) that the user has to browse the forum to find Thread 1 so they can participate in the thread topic.

My opinion is when you lock thread 2, could you also provide a link to thread 1 so we can more easily navigate to the original thread?

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If you post two threads on the same topic, can't you remember where you posted them or follow both threads so you get a notification when one of them gets a reply?

Better yet, don't start duplicate threads on the same topic in different places?

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Usually mods will mention that the other thread is in Forum X. Sometimes we are logging in from place that are not easy to cut and paste from (ie mobile phones or tablets), so it's not always as convenient as it sounds. You could also look up the user and check their content to find the post.

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