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What are your comorbid disorders?

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I know that many people on here have comorbid disorders besides just depression. So what are yours?

Mine, besides depression, include schizophrenia (combined to make schizoaffective disorder), Anxiety NOS, Atypical Anorexia Nervosa, and Multiple Personalities. My outpatient pdoc is also considering OCD traits.

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i have an eating disorder (officially OSFED now, i guess) and also suffer from GAD, OCD, social phobia, and panic disorder (mostly recovered). my current tdoc has tentatively diagnosed me with ADHD, but i am waiting on a confirmation from a specialist. i also have neurological diagnoses and i may have a sleep disorder (waiting for a sleep study). i'm lots of fun. ;)

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In addition to the depression I have Gad and Panic Disorder.  All three like to gang up on me at the same time.  Usually though, the anxiety brings on the panic then the depression hits.

Many years ago I had violent intrusive thoughts but have never been diagnosed with ocd.

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Alright... I'm FINALLY ready to admit that I have more than just PTSD. When my PTSD flares up and stays up for a long time, I also tend to experience depression. Also I have a lot of GAD/OCD traits that kick in the more anxious/worried/sleep deprived I get.

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