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Ok so I don't why I decided to create an account but I did and here we are. 

The rare times I meet someone I feel I can talk to about my issues and the mental illness world and how our lives actually are and the crazy shit we feel that is very real and then the very rare times the conversation gets to the point where I know it's ok ..well that's the crazy talk. The friends I've had in life where I can say I'm having a bad day. And it's not a regular talk bad day, it's the crazy bad day.  You don't have to explain what led to it all.  The little stuff isn't important. Shit most of the time there is no little stuff. Or a million little microscopic things that spoke to me and led to feeling horrible. But I don't have to use all those words I've said over and over that hurt my head because they know. And I'm here typing this very carefully on my fucking smartphone in hopes that you know too.  

it's my little world of people that speak crazy as a first language. On a good day it's like 7th grade code, on a bad day I'm thankful I'm not the only one out there cause it hurts way too much to say more. 

So hey everybody my name is Megan, I'm depressed and have been most of my life. Anyone wants to talk about the weird head language bring it cause I'm here. 

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Hello, Megan. Welcome to CB. I'm glad you're here. You'll find a lot of people who speak your language here. Sometimes I make up my own words to describe what's in my head. Like when my brain feels owlly.

Please PM me or one of the other mods if you have any questions.


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