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Wellbutrin XR and Adderall experiences

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Is it possible the wellbutrin is cancelling out my adderall? I think that is why Ive been feeling so anxious/flighty. I feel like the wellbutrin exacerbates my ADHD, and makes my adderall not work.


Am I imagining this? 

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The should boost each others effect.  That said, they both can increase anxiety so if you combine them, that effect can be boosted as well,.


I've noticed if I take them at the same time I feel really wound up and then 2 hours later it's like I never took any adderall at all. I read somewhere that it's because how they act. Wellbutrin stabilizes dopamine where as adderall causes rapid release of it. I guess it's like the wellbutrin basically inhibits it's effect. 


bah. Can't wait to see my pdoc tomorrow. 

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