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Luvox 250mg made me lose 10 lbs in 2 months

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Hey guys,

I noticed that even if I don't eat for 8 hours my stomach doesn't growl or make any noises. My appetite has decreased dramatically with Luvox.

I lost almost 10 lbs since I started Luvox 2 months ago. Every time I take Luvox 250mg in the morning I don't get sexual urges as often. I only need to masturbate 2-3 times a week max.

Is this a concern? I see the weight loss can be a side effect. I didn't know I would lose weight that quickly.

I was very fatigued for the first week. Now it's much better though.

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I've never taken that, but the same thing happened to me while on Topamax. I lost like 30 pounds over a few months. I recently gained 10 pounds of it back because I sometimes until this week I was forgetting to take my Topamax and I was doing a lot of binge eating, Unless it's a side effect you don't like, then talk to your pdoc about it.

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