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angina- prolixin? trazodone? ambien withdrawals?

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Hey all. I just got out of inpatient a couple of days ago and they did a big med switch. I am now on trazodone, celexa, prolixin and klonopin. The trazodone and Prolixin are the new meds. My question is... The last couple of days i have had pretty constant angina. I can't get in to see my psychiatrist for another week, so i am taking tylenol constantly for it in the mean time.

The only other thing i can think of that would be causing it is that i am pretty sure i am on the tail end of ambien withdrawals... I was taking ambien every night inpatient and they didn't send me home with it and I've been feeling crappy and withdrawal-y. 


Anyone experience angina in any of these situations?

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Omg! Chest pains are never to be ignored. I had to have a nurse literally yell at me over the phone to GO TO THE ER NOW! And it saved my ass. PLEASE don't ignore chest pains.

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