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So I know this is probably technically labelled as sleep hypnogogy or whatever but its something I was always curious about with regards to other peoples experiences.
Before bed, especially lately, I've been seeing things again. I've only met one other person that had experienced one of the things I had.

When I was younger it used to be 3-D shapes and colors that would seemlessly merge from one to the next without any discernable transition. These weren't frieghtening or enjoyable, they just sort of did their thing. Then I started seeing things like faces, which would merge into other faces. For hours. People I could not recognized or don't believe I'd ever seen. Of all races/genders/varieties.

Lately though I've been seeing more definite structures, highly complex. Perhaps 4-Dimensional?They weave in and between one another. Sometimes they inhabit the forms of "beings". Usually they are sort of beings which are also embedded in the complex structures. Many times I see the patterns of eye-balls, or eye like shapes starring at me through the 'myst' of night static. Very rarely are they of a positive nature, but they seem random. I can kind of guide them by what I think about though.

Does anyone else experience this sort of thing?

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If you have hallucinations while falling asleep, they're called "hypnagogic hallucinations", and occur in roughly 37% of the population. If you have them while waking up, they are called "hypnapompic hallucinations", and occur in roughly 12% of the population.

Both are normal. I experience hypnagogic ones.

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I have these hallucinations right before I fall asleep all the time. Sometimes it is just faces. Other times it is rooms I have never been in before. One time it was a pair of legs walking around with large glass boats for shoes. Go figure. My pdoc says it is completely normal. 

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:) It's cool to see a good deal of responses here. Yea this wasn't a thread for concern or anything, it was just curiousity. And if you check the first sentence I even said 'hypnogogy' which is not a word but I meant to say hypnogogia hehehe.

Isn't it interesting though that people see similar things? Like why faces, shapes, etc. I didn't know it was that common. No one ever talks about it.

I wonder if this is could be a way to convey in some sense what a psychotic hallucination is like to the general public. Of course there is a huge difference between these and my waking life hallucinations. I just think it might help someone who doesn't understand that hallucinating things isn't something that makes someone be violent or awful or whatever. Because the stigma for hallucinations/psychosis is so immense. Then again, it might be more harmful to use the analogy. Not sure. Either way I thought it was interesting and I figured I'd share and appreciated hearing some of what you all experience :).

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