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creepy paranormal activities (sleepwalking)

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First of all, I decreased my seroquel down to 400 from 550(I was on the road of keep on increasing the dose), and I still fall asleep!!  I don't know how this happened but yay!

BUT, after I wake up in the morning, I see milk outside (I swear I put in it fridge before sleeping) and dirty dishes of cereal around sink.

Best part of this is that I Don't Remember! Hella creepy. (I live alone so, it must be me).

Anyone experienced something similar? Lucky me that I haven't gone out driving and crashing yet.

My friend suggest I get a cam to record around the kitchen during sleep time.

I'm scared to video tape myself during the night of "paranormal activities."

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Seems there might be overlap between your night activity and REM sleep disorder syndrome, which is when you (I) physically act out what's happening during REM dreaming.  You might look into that -- and if anyone reading has experienced it, I have some ideas I'd like to discuss.



Anyone dealing with REM sleep disorder syndrome?  Physically acting out what's happening in your REM dreaming, often violently?

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