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When your pain flair up is so bad....

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You find yourself beating your shoulder with a household hammer at 5am just to try to get some relief so you can sleep. 


(Share your ridiculous attempts at easing the suffering. We've all been there...might as well get a head shake and a hear hear out of it.

I like to animate mine with quick sketches. ..because it soothes my mind,  even if my body won't catch on...where's my hammer...)


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Ow. Migraines sometimes feel like they would be lessened if you shoved a long needle or a fork in your eye. I have fortunately refrained from doing that, but I have banged my head against the wall a few times. Didn't help.

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I was rolling around on the floor with a tennis ball tonight,  infuriating.

Between that,  the hammer,  a tens unit,  an electric massager,  every protruding corner in the house,  my pencil eraser,  my fingers etc etc etc. .. I have yet to find relief tonight. 

Usually I just finally get so tired I fall asleep after 24-48 hours.

I definitely get the needle/fork thing.

I have an overwhelming desire to turn the hammer around to the hooked side and just dig in.  Or shove knitting needles into my back.  Anything. 

I break into furious frustrated tears more often than I'd like to admit. 



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