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f*ck sports


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okay, yeah i know people don't suck for liking sports or playing sports.

i live across the street from a very large field with two baseball diamonds on it.  it's about two blocks distance between me and where the baseball happens.

the music that started with the apparent tournament that's happening sounds like i live across from a disco at midnight - at eight in the goddamned morning.

yes i was already up.  i don't care.  

i do not know how to handle listening to this LOUD LOUD LOUD CRAPPY SHIT and LOUD LOUD LOUD cheering and yelling i tried shutting all my windows and turning on the television which i don't want because it's TOO EARLY and i can STILL hear them out there

as well as the construction that's been going on next door for weeks

it is my problem that i don't deal well with noises intruding my space

but i can't get away from it, i am not well enough to just go sit somewhere quiet but public, there's nowhere safe and calm to go at all, and i feel like i am going to start screaming back (not like they could hear me)

why is it okay for them to share their activity with the WHOLE NEIGHBOURHOOD whether we want it or not?

oh yeah because this is a military neighbourhood and they make the rules

i did not want to spend the morning drugged to deal with shit like this

fuck you, people who don't think about others and just do what you want because some of us are just too sensitive and should be able to deal

fuck you anyway

thank you for the space to vent the petty things that are going to send me to jail i swear to god

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thank you.  my daughter got me out of the house and doing other things and by the time i got home they were finished, yay.  i got lucky.  she doesn't know it, but she's probably the only person who would have got me away from there,  i'm so glad she randomly got the day off.

i'm not proud of how intolerant i am of things like this lately.  i just get overwhelmed too easily.

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I'm glad your daughter got you out of the house.  I hate loud music when I don't want to hear it (sometimes I can tolerate my own music loud with headphones), and I can understand why you angry and everything about it.  I would have been too, especially at that time of the morning. 

I probably would have just yelled at the top of my lungs "SHUT UP" out the window.  It most likely wouldn't have helped them to lower the volume, but I could yell and get it out of my system a little.  I've done that here in my apartment.  When there is loud noise for an extended period of time I've yelled "SHUT UP" before.  It worked one time, but that was it.

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I sympathize with you.  I had to hear a jackhammer outside my former apartment for the whole summer once, as there are only two seasons in New England- winter and road work hehe. 

Do earplugs work?  Maybe get a rocking sound system with your type of music?  Maybe pack your days with out of the house activities?  I hope this situation is temporary and you can find some peace!  (I hate NOISE too!!)

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