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it is day 33 of my cycle and i am waiting for my period to get on with it.  i've been dealing with the usual lowered immune response that leaves me with cold or fever from days 21-40 -- as applicable; period arrives anywhere in that window.  and the moodiness, irritability, exhaustion, mind fog, loss of coordination and balance, cramps.  ten days of menstrual cramps, and only a tiny bit of blood spotting.  some of this is no doubt attributable to cysts & fibroids.  and maybe my age. i am 42.  i will be getting another ultrasound soon (no no no do NOT want) to gauge status of cysts/fibroids.  i am not taking any hormones atm.  those i have taken in the past were ineffective.  for mood, for cycle regulation, for alleviation of any of the complaints at all.  and SSRIs/multiple reuptakes do not touch this.

am having suicidal thoughts as usual; wondering how thorough i would need to be with evidence for my suicide in order for the authorities to rule out foul play.  to say "yes, she killed herself, no question" and minimally hassle my friends and family when i do it.  i would say my history as an utter loser, my hospitalizations, should speak for themselves?

for those suffering pmdd as well: are your physical symptoms just as bad as mental symptoms?  better? worse?  do you get strong suicidal urges & make plans every month?

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