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Seroquel exacerbating copd symptoms plus added case of the stupids in the morning

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I take Seroquel to help with sleep I wake up breathless in the morning.  Body feels like dead weight dragging myself to make a cup of coffee in the AM.  I've been taking it for years to sleep.  Seroquel seems to make it much worse to breath. 

Anybody else take Seroquel to sleep or any other reasons has trouble with breathing from Seroquel at night? .  I've tried not taking Seroquel and wake up with less sedation and dumb-assed feeling PLUS add in the horrible dead weight dragging my ass around in the morning ''breathing difficulty'' plus the fact Seroquel makes me a real dumbass I can't shake the morning stupid in the head banging into walls, unable to figure out what step next to make a coffee.....simple tasks....  

I take Clonazepam with the Seroquel, but the Clonazepam doesn't always cut it taken alone w/o Seroquel the two together are fairly sedating, but doesn't keep me asleep all night, I have bipolar as well, not that that matters, but sleeping has always been a <<<huge issue>>> I still don't sleep well on any given night.  I feel like death by lack of sleep' and or death by respiratory failure (ie: Seroquel).  

Suggestions for alternate sleep meds that don't mess with respiratory ? help please.        

I have COPD stage II.   I think the Seroquel I exacerbates COPD symptoms> ?!!  Anybody?      

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I initially had trouble breathing as I went to sleep and then it passed, I no longer have that side effect.  I also had the drowsiness in the AM in the beginning, that has passed as well.  But I have to take my dose early so I know I have 10 to 11 hours till I need to function.  

I take is as an anti psychotic so my dose may be higher (see below).  I have heard the higher the dose the less drowsiness, and I have to agree. 

As far as the stupids, they were quite severe initially and once again they passed.  Or maybe I got used to being stupid, lol

Seriously I had issues with immediate and short term memory for months.  All gone now. 

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I guess it's safe to say if you're using it as a MS at higher dosing it would have different effects, in my case more sedating used for sleep.  Finding that IF I skip it for a night I'm less symptomatic ie: breathing much better and zero of the 'dunce cap' syndrome ..........  Thanks, Dragonfly23  :  )


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