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My meds demotivate me from my goals...

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I wake up feeling tired and low energy to the point that nearly everyday, I get very little done in terms of my career goals. I lost my main motivation in finding a job/career. How do I motivate myself to get a small part-time job that is accommodating for my MI since my three, heavy dose of medications make me tired and drowsy?


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I've had the same problem for over 11 years. I don't know if it's the meds or my mental illness causing this.

I changed psychiatrists maybe 5 times because I thought if they give me the correct meds I should be able to get a job and function.

Or go to college part-time. Now since I tried over 15 different meds and I'm still unable to function I am positive that it's

my mental illness and not the meds fault. It's such a pity I have to lie on the bed 16 hours a day. Taking a shower is difficult.


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