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Anybody quit clozapine/olanzapine and is now stable on a different med?

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I took zyprexa for years. I gained a lot of weight on it. I found seroquel to be helpful but it still causes weight gain. And my psychosis is not all that well controlled. It is very frustrating.

I also take abilify. But I really think it helps my mood symptoms more than the psychotic ones. But I won't be going off of it to find out either. Abilify is weight neutral for me. It's just the seroquel that is causing weight issues still. But without it I end up IP which is really detrimental to my life. So I will stick with seroquel. It's just not fair that I have to choose between physical and mental health.

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I was on olanzapine briefly but found it didn't work well for me, Saphris worked well for months and I didn't experience weight gain to my knowledge (I was on depakote which cause extreme weight gain)

i also ran out of options for antipsychotics because none of the atypicals worked for me, if i didn't try it, it was because my psych said it was too close to the other ones for it to be effective, so I moved on to Thorazine (chlorpromazine) and I did really well with that for a long time

im trying the unmedicated route at this point, and overall it's going ok

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I take zyprexa only as needed for mania, so I don't have weight issues with it as I only use it briefly each time. I take Abilify as a mood stabilizer and for psychosis. It works pretty well and I've lost weight on it.

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I was on clozaril for 6 months. I lost maybe 10lbs on it in that time, but that was with a super strict diet. I just wasn't losing weight and had super bad sugar cravings. I switched from clozaril to latuda on 7/14 (8 days ago). I've lost 10lbs in the past 5 days. BUT I've also has a tooth infection, so it may be from that. Dunno. But the sugar cravings are less.

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