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Things are starting to make a lot more sense.

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Today in therapy my therapist gave me some information on psychosis to read about. One of the things it mentioned was distorted perception and it said:

this symptom refers to difficulties in making sense of what you see, hear, smell, touch and taste. You might find that you are more sensitive to background noises, colours or lights - distractions that you would normally be able to 'tune out'. 

Reading that I thought a lot of things now make sense in particular sensitivity to background noises and lights and the overwhelming feeling I get when in places like shopping centres- the noise, the lights, and the people can at times do my head in. I had no idea this was just another part of the disorder.

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I'm really glad you got this piece of information. I didn't understand it personally until I started researching smoking and schizophrenia. They call it "Sensory gating". Something interesting about it is Autistic people and people with I think ADD(maybe ADHD) also are more sensitive to their senses.

For me it's mostly repetitive noises. Or loud ones that bother me the most. But yea being around a lot of people, in busy places doesn't work out. I go bonkers or just run away lol.

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