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If anyone's out there please help me. I need help with ideas for sleep meds. I'm not sure but I have tried so much and now I'm not sleeping enough and it's aggravating my depression symptoms on top of the stress of my life aggravating the symptoms and I am feeling hopeless. I am someone who needs my sleep.

I was put on trazadone and that didn't work even at what the dr called the max dose. i was put on seroquel it did not work. I was put on a medication similar to benadyrl i can't remember the name it did not work, i was put on thorazine it did work but i started having some common side effect that develops over time so i had to go off of it, i was put on ambien it did work but only at 20 mg. my new psych (my old one of 5 1/2 years left) lowered the dose to 10 mg saying there were studies or something about even 10mg sometimes being too much. Since then I hardly sleep I have to take the ambien with my clonazepam which I'm supposed to use for anxiety so it's a choice between crippling anxiety and not enough sleep. i sleep maybe 6 hours and it's always interrupted. I am someone who needs 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep a night. Always been that way. 6 hours to me is not enough especially that i wake up and have to move to different places to try to sleep.

i've tried lunesta also it didn't work. is there anything else anyone has had success with? i tried z quil it didn't work at the suggested dose and i did not go higher bc i wasn't sure if that was ok. melatonin did not work.


i'm desperate. i might have to be hospitalized because it's gotten my mind so f***ed up.

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Clozaril sedated me very much.  Zyprexa also made me tired.  The only downfall is that both those meds made my eating out of control.  Clozaril really messed my eating up, but for some people it is a great med.

With the melatonin, have you tried a lower dose ... sometimes a lower dose works better than a higher dose.

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