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Prolixin and restlessness... and cogentin.

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I got prescribed Cogentin because I just started Prolixin a few weeks ago and notice I get shaky and jittery easily. The Prolixin is also causing restlessness for me. My pdoc called in cogentin for the jitters, and I am reading it helps with ap restlessness too? How effective is it at this? I'm on 1 mg. I took 0.5 mg last night and went to sleep really well, so we'll see how today goes.


Does the restlessness with prolixin usually go away over time, or get worse? Is the restlessness as bad with the shot?

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I had to up cogentin from 0.5mg to 1mg then to 1.5mg due to restlessness with Latuda.

Restlessness lasted 4 months with Latuda however, I would get bad restlessness once a week. I don't anymore.

Cogentin killed akathisia at 1.5mg

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