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I think I am paranoid but my GP said otherwise

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I have had one episode of psychosis over 5 years ago. I am schizoaffective, bipolar. So basically 2-3 years ago I worked in a mental health ward. One of the nurses there, I added on Facebook as a friend. But he asked for my number, which is ok, but then he asked me to go out for dinner which I made some kind of assumption out of and stopped all contact with him. So then two weeks ago I came across him again in a new job i started in a completely different hospital and he asked if I had changed my number. I said I did so he asked for it again. So I gave it to him ... reluctantly. So now it has been playing on my mind over and over that his intentions are not good. On the other hand I'd like him as a friend. But I don't want to get involved with this person (IF that is what he wanted in the first instance). I can't trust him at all. And I think thats why I say I am paranoid whereas my GP said its just anxiety. Part of me likes him but no one would approve and I can't deal with the stress.... She said it would be in my best interest not to work in that environment where there are mentally ill patients.

Sorry I intitally added him on fb after i quit.

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I would think if he asked for dinner I would assume it's a date. When a girl asks me for a date and I feel paranoid I would have said "no, I don't want a relationship or a date"

People should be understanding about that. If they ask why then you could say u have some paranoia.

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It does sound like anxiety to me (my opinion from having known both paranoia and anxiety).

Do you only see a GP? I have found that GPs have gotten me into bad places, not because they had bad intentions, it's just they aren't highly trained specialists in mental illness. It's a whole field unto itself for good reason. 

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