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Duplicate comments on blogs

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There is an issue with blog comments today. When I type out a comment, I hit submit and then it just goes to a white screen. When I go back, it shows me that my comment was posted more than once. I have been deleting the duplicates on my blog, but it is happening on any blog that I go to comment on as well.

Also, every post says "0 comments" even though there are multiple comments. 

Blogs are malfunctioning and appears to have started this morning.

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Still happening for me. I just commented on two blogs and my comments were doubled when I went back to check them. I think it might not be an issue in Safari because I didn't notice any of this until I switched from safari to firefox. I'm on a mac.

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I'm having this issue on a tablet running Windows 8.1 and using Internet Explorer.

I'm not getting email notifications that there are comments on my blog.

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better now?

I took a shot in the dark


Now my comment is not added at all. I click submit, the screen refreshes, then goes to a blank screen in the browser. I tried it twice. Also logged out an in again. 

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I also got a double post of a comment I just put on a private blog.  I was able to delete it, but it's annoying for have to delete the extra one every time you comment.

I've got a Mac and I use Firefox. 

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