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Is Paxil Condidered Sedating or Activating?

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Good morning,

I've been on Pamelor for around 6 weeks now.  Out of the 6 weeks,  I had two days were I felt a tinge better.  Otherwise, no improvement on the depression side.  Also, I believe it makes my anxiety worse. In addition, I feel that I'm having negative ocd thoughts about how I feel.  I can't turn my mind off of them. The side effects from the Pamelor are also bothersome.  Dizzy, dry mouth, weight gain, constipation and slow urine output.  If it  was working really well, I could overlook the se.  Blood levels show that I'm in the therapeutic range.  At this point I'd like to get off of it.

Years ago I did well on Paxil but went off  because of reflux. Currently, my reflux is under control with meds. 

 I'd like to know if Paxil is sedating or activating as I have issues with agitated depression.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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Side effects generally will get better with time. Six weeks isn't a long time for your body to have gotten adjusted to the pamelor.

I don't personally have any experience with paxil. I will say, though, that zoloft (sertraline) has been doing well by me when added to wellbutrin (bupropion). Swellbutrin has been known to increase anxiety for some people, though.

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I'm assuming that six weeks includes the time you were titrating up on the Pamelor. You have to give it six to eight weeks on the therapeutic dose. Maybe even a bit longer. As Wooster said, some of the side effects might go away as your body becomes used to the med.

That said, Paxil for me was sedating. and I believe that it is regarded as sedating among the SSRIs.

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