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Do you have any experiences with eye tracking problems? I read an article about a research about recognising people with schizophrenia based on their eye movements. (Link to the article: http://psychcentral.com/news/2012/10/31/eye-test-identifies-people-with-schizophrenia/46930.html)

I think I might have experienced these problems. Focusing on a fixed point is difficult and my eyes wander from it not long before I start looking at it. Sometimes I look at passing cars and they seem to 'lag'. It's hard to explain, they first move and then seem to 'jump' back and then move again and then 'jump' again. Have any of you experienced something similar or is it just me?

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This response isn't in context of schizophrenia, but...

I have problems in eye tracking as well.  My eyes go herky-jerky everywhere when I try and focus (visually and literally).

I think the root issue might be some sort of sensory processing disorder, maybe? Not sure.

However, I can give my sympathies and say I know how it feels.

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Varis this is something I am curious to see if I have or not.

When I was younger I used to play video games and not to toot my own horn but I was pretty good at them just naturally. Now I have a really hard time spotting bad guys movements and things. I could just be getting older. I might set up a web-camera and see if my eyeballs jitter :D.

Sometimes when I'm really bugging out though my eyes dart around really whacky. I'm not sure if that's related or not.

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Idk if this has to do with eye tracking ... but I think it might. 

When I am riding in a car, in the front seat, and the person driving is going like 30 mph, it looks to me like we are going over 100 mph (or whatever ... a much higher speed).  All the leaves on trees, cars on the other side of the road, etc, look like they are coming right at me really fast, bombarding me with the visuals (everything I am seeing).  I usually can't watch out the window or else my eyes will go crazy and I get somewhat dizzy.  Once in awhile I am kind of ok to watch out the window, but rarely does that ever happen.

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