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Has anyone found any effective strategies to help deal with negative symptoms? I struggle mainly with apathy and loss of motivation as well as loss of emotions. I know that anti depressants are sometimes usedused to help with these but I can't take them as they cause mania. Has anyone found anything that has helped even if only a little bit?

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I am in the same boat. I can't handle AD's because they tend to tip me into mania.

I have negative symptoms constantly too.

I have even tried stimulants but again can't handle them due to the fact that they cause extreme agitation and mania in me.

But it may be that stimulants could help you. I'm not sure. But it is maybe something to discuss with your pdoc.

Some people take supplements but I don't believe in them IMO. If they were so great everyone and their brother would be going to go and buy and use them. But there are studies being done on some, which ones I'm not sure.

So mostly I use therapy to help me deal with them. Are you in therapy?

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Zentangling helps me , concentrating on something helps me get past my thoughts . I took a different approach to empathy , I used it to gain experiences and feelings I wouldn't of otherwise felt , by putting the shoe on the other foot , I think it adds to my wisdom , lol 

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