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What's more important? Changing to seroquel XR or having the dose increased of the IR?

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my pdoc will only do one thing at a time. 

Ive been having a lot of symptoms. 

Should I still ask to switch to XR? I'm nervous now. What if it doesn't work for me? I'm sick of the sedation but I am getting used to it slightly. Maybe in time I will get fully used to it?

which leads me to should I just ask for a dose increase of the IR seroquel? To 800 mg?

im a nervous wreck. My appointment is in an hour! Help!

Plus I'm thinking cost wise can we even afford the XR? It's not generic. 

And I don't want to start from a small dose and work back up to 600 or more mg! Even though it says you can switch right over. Pdoc will prob not know this though. 

And what if I can't sleep on the XR.? What if I need that sedation. 

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Thank you guys! I consulted husband and we decided, what the heck let's ask for both changes!

And thanks for the coupon link Andy! That is going to help us out so much! They said it would be $400!!!! OMG

So the good news is that pdoc did make both changes!!! He switched me to seroquel XR and put it up to 800 mg. He was going to do 700 mg but I said I had been on 800 mg before and that worked better. So he listened!

These last few appointments have not been too bad with him I think. Maybe he is changing his ways? Or maybe I was too harsh because we started off on a bad foot and my previous pdoc was soooooo good! Current pdoc didn't stand a chance against my previous pdoc.

Anyway, I will take the rest to my blog. Thanks again!!!!

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