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I am a diagnosed scitzo with GAD

I have Complex PTSD stemming from childhood into my adult years , I will spare you the details , as I can' t even talk about it without falling apart at the seams . I find that to be my hardest obstacle right now . It is better than thinking I was the next Buddha .lol 

I am looking forward to exploring and engaging with others and feeling that I am not alone has given me great comfort . 


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Welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about the PTSD, but you're not alone. They say schizo and PTSD are commonly linked though. There's some babble about does PTSD cause schizo and/or can schizo induce PTSD. I went to the pdoc originally thinking I had PTSD but they labelled me with a psychotic disorder and I tend to be described as 'highfunctioning' schizo. Anyways, weird brains welcome.

Hey, Buddhism says everyone has Buddha nature :).



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