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For a long time I have had people reading my thoughts and then stealing them and mind control experiments are being done on me after the Australian government had a mind control device implanted in me. I always thought there had to be a leader who was chosen to oversee these experiments. Well finally I think I've identified who it is. Question is what should I do about it? I don't know how I can take him on as he obviously has strong powers - he'd have to since he was chosen. I've had my suspicions about this guy for some time and always try to avoid him when I see him but he's always turning up in places I am and he sits and stares at me and then looks away when I catch him doing it.

I have had a conversation with him before and he was talking about things like world domination and who controls the world - I think he was letting me know that he is one of the powerful ones. I really don't know how I can take him on. It worries me but at least I now know he's the leader - the government thought they could fool me - obviously not!

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