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If your positive symptoms(delusions) are well controlled on a single antipsychotic med but you still have cognitive issues, is it a good idea to add another antipsychotic like latuda(lurasidone) just so that it might improve your cognitive symptoms ?

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I took Latuda because I heard it improves cognitive abilities. I took it so I could try to see if I could go back to college.

I took Latuda for 5 months now and I noticed improved brain function however, I still can't take the stress and being in the class for 1 hour

seems like torture. So it's not about cognitive but if you're able to handle the stress with your MI. I had high hopes that with Latuda

I'd be able to do more things and even go back to work someday. That hasn't happened and it doesn't seem happening anytime soon.

I believe it's not the medication but my MI that is making me this way.

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