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Mania induced super creativity and intelligence

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was wondering if you may like to share about times when mania has actually helped you out achademically or to acheive in any way.

I myself once got into a talk with a guy in a pub whilst manic once. I chatted to him about my line of work with knowledge and passion. He asked if I had ever thought about setting up my own company. To cut a long story short I obsessed over that question, went home and spent one single night manically putting together a business plan. I even fully designed a website and wrote all the content. Afew days later the guy was in the pub and I showed him what I had done and my Curriculum Vitae and asked if he thought the bank would find it interesting to which he immediately announced that he was a chartered acxcountant with a sideline in small business investments! We discussed it and he offered me an interest free loan of £50,000 to set up the business with him as a director and 10% share holder!! WI set the business up and made a good go of it with him doing the books. From me chatting in the pub to him to the business opening for trade, adverts, uniforms, website, tools, machinery, vehicles, signwriting and premises, VAT regestration, insurances and employees etc took me one manic month! Nobody could believe it! We successfully operated for 3 years at a profit before having to close because poor Martin developed cancer and had to pull all his money out. We had to close because I could not get a loan to keep going on my own due to the reccession :(


Just shows what mania can achieve sometimes....that's what makes it so hard to look at my bi-polar as a totally bad thing sometimes.....hey ho, got to see it for what it is though because the most part of my manias have a beautiful ride to a very messy ending most times,

Please share with me,

Chris :)

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Being manic has helped me tremendously at school oddly. I'm a naturally quiet, keep to myself type person. When I'm at school and forced to interact with people, I have such bad anxiety that it induces mania most of the time that I'm at school. In the spring semester, I was invited to join the Honor Society because of my high GPA. Normally any kind of groups would not be my thing, but thanks to mania I got the 4 letters of recommendation I needed, and joined. The first meeting we had, the teachers that are in charge of our school's chapter of Phi Theta Kappa told us that we needed to decide who was going to be the officers for the "club". They went down the list of positions while asking who wanted to run for it; Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, President. When it got to Vice President, the guy beside me raised his hand and said he would do it. I quickly raised my hand and said "No, I want it". Every position except VP was unopposed. Since 2 people were running against each other, they had to send out ballots to everyone that was in the Honor Society at our school so they could vote. I ended up winning the VP spot. Only a month after that, I heard that the SGA(Student Government Association) had some open position to fill because not enough people ran for it. So I set up an interview with the head's of the SGA, but didn't hear from them for 2 weeks. Then I got an email letting me know that I had got the position that I had interviewed for, which was the Public Information Officer. Starting next Thursday we have to do new student orientations, and next week is our SGA retreat where we learn more about what we have planned for the upcoming school year. It's 3 days, and 6 hours a day. I would have never of done any of this, had I not been manic. So I guess sometimes being Bipolar can work out for the best sometime. It did for me anyway. Sorry this was so long. But I know what you mean, how being manic can actually help you sometimes.

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I honestly can't think of any times that mania objectively helped me out (subjectively yes, of course). I'm in graduate school, and when manic I'm convinced I'm smarter than my professors and have figured out the answer to everything. I have all sorts of plans to publish and read and so forth. The core of my idea is usually super interesting, but the ways I come up with to write and think about it are so far out that no one can understand where I'm coming from. This, of course, makes me angry, and this in turn alienates colleagues and professors. I also tend to get so distracted by odd ideas that I end up spending lots of money on books and never actually writing or reading any of them (I can't read when manic). When I do succeed in writing down one of these big ideas, the comments tend to come back as "slow down! I can't figure out what you're saying." This is a big deal, because otherwise I'm a strong academic writer.

Of course, this is all after the fact assessments. At the moment I think that I'm doing the most important work of my life. But looking back I can see that I do my best work when at baseline (which for me tends to run a bit elevated). This is of course not to say that mania can't have benefits for others, just not for me. 

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