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I'm guessing it's the 'like' button that is being tested?

I can't post to the other conversation about this topic because it's only available to admins and moderators (and probably because it's none of my business). But considering it is publicly view able, I wanted to say something because I actually 'like' it (get it?).

VE, as you've said in the past, it turns into a popularity contest. You've said we weren't into that here so you've never enabled it before. Have you changed your mind? IMO, it needs to go. I can't see that it'll tell people the good comments from the bad ones. Does anyone besides you think it should stay? (Sylvan)

I would understand this argument if the "like" button was in profiles, or if members accumulated a certain amount of likes over a period of time which was then added up and displayed. However they don't (to my understanding?). Otherwise anyone 'liking' a members posts because of 'popularity' is irresponsible of a single member, and misuse of a site tool (and not as likely to happen as you would think).

There have been many of times where a member had made a valid point, or I had agreed with that persons point of view/wanted to kudos their effort/or have been through something similar...however was unable to physically or emotionally reply in full. This is where I value this button, and see it very useful.

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