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So the thing is that I am getting messages from my mobile phone, which is being used by the Demons to communicate with me....

I'll type something into a text and the word will auto-correct to "pig", or someone's name and then "bad", or the other day I was sending off a text and was telling a white lie and the text said "Judy" which is the big boss where I am doing some part time work.... 


I am being called a loser and lots of other things are popping up... sometimes I follow the info, sometimes not, but its like my mind is being read and then put on the screen via auto-correct...!

Quite distressing now, wasn't initially but it's happening all the time now....

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Thanks I suppose everyone... I'm just a bit tired and sometimes it feels like "normal"..... I don't share with anyone else so when I see psychosis repeated again and again it breaks me out of my thinking.... I will raise with doc, I see Tuesday next week.... 


Oh n thanks Melissa and Cheese! x

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